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About Fuyang Eco Park

Fuyang Eco Park has always been a special place for me since I was a senior high school student. At that time I was one of member of biological researching club of school. We often have outdoor activities called “field observation” which are activities for observing animals and plant in natural environment. And Fuyang Eco Park is the very place to go because of its convenient traffic. We were there mostly for observing outlooks of those creatures, and sometimes we did pay attention on the sound for finding birds or frogs. But because at that time I was only interesting in spiders, never notice those interesting sound of nature.

I went there once or twice a week during my third year of senior high. At that time, I started to know how relaxing is the place, and I somehow finally understand how to enjoy myself in such a natural environment. Gradually, I found the way to appreciate birds and frogs singing, and the sound of air, of water, and of those plants.

Last time when I went to Fuyang Eco Park, I was a freshman of NTU. At the day of field trip, when I restep on this familiar nature, although it’s in a hurry, I was joyful. Listening to the sound of bird, frogs and insects, and also the special roar of high way really makes me excited. But because I have to find everybody ASAP, I gave up listening carefully.

So I went there again at Friday, 20th December. Because that was a rainy day, and ground was so muddy, I didn’t go to the highest point we went that day. I was just fooling around in Fuyang Park and Fuchoshan Park. While I was at the entrance of Foyang Eco Park, I heard the sound of small rivers which was just beside my feet, and I heard those sound of rain drops dropping on the big leaves of plants and on the ground. I did hear winds, and sound of stepping on crashing stones on the trail. Not much, but some people passing by, with speeds which was not slow; all of them are in the direction out of the park. And I walked in. And after that, I followed the way witch had less muddy ground to Fuchoshan Park.

I sat in a pavilion for a long time, enjoying the pure nature which I had already had a long time not to feel. No one was there. Winds blows on my face, and the only accompany was the sound. Sounds of rain drop falling keep coming to my ears, and sound of leaves and of insects showing up. It was such a peaceful place! And suddenly I heard a strange sound like air squeezing out of the balloon. I walked out of the pavilion, and found out that was a squirrel! And beside the squirrel was an amazing scene of Taipei 101 and the foggy city.

I didn’t go back to MRT station on the same way because of the terrible muddy trails; alternatively, I chose another concrete trail to walk down the mountain. Finally take bus, and back to the city.


-Alan Liu 劉亦凡

It’s Prison Show(Runlin Huang, 黃潤琳)

In The Silence of the Inmates, Malachi have talked about the silence we encountered in the prison. It’s quite unusual for me to find it so quiet, which never happen in my former recording field in city building or Pinglin’s tea farms. The sound recorder is so sensitive, thus usually it would be really hard to keep people’s voice out even in deep mountain. But in Prison, even a room is filled with more than 100 women working together, I really can’t record any sound coming from people’s conversation. I was once expecting recording some sound or song in the working environment like the Prison Song Yannick once recommended.

Being more specific, It’s not unsoundable, it’s untalkable. Prisoners being untalkable with each other (at least, in the working situation), and being untalkable with visitors like us. But the thing impressed me most, is we are also untalkable with these women prisoners. This kind of untalkable, doesn’t really mean we could not talk with them, but a feeling of no(t) right(s) communicating with them by using daily spoken/body/facial languages and in equal status. We have never been told what is forbidden,  but under that space and circumstance, a strong feeling is telling me, any attempt of getting closer would be inappropriate and even illegal.

For me, it’s a lost of autonomy (e.g. the sound autonomy). It happens not only on sound, but also the sound attempt; not only on prisoners, but also on visitors; not only in the working circumstance, but also the whole visiting process. For example, before entering into the prison, we have to decrease the amount of  record equipments according to the officers’ requirement.

The sound during the Prisoners’ Show and the sound in the Families Waiting Zone, in my opinion, are another kind of lost of autonomy. During the show, it seems that prisoner could sing and dance and smile to we visitors, showing up their learning achievement. But what we should notice is not whether they are smiling truly or not, but how this show is being produced and control. What the prisoners sing or dance on the stage have being selected, and the purpose of this show is to show us how effective and humanistic the governor are, prisoners get more credits to go out earlier, and visitors being moved. All the sound we heard include no free expression, and the purpose of the sound accomplished no deeper understanding or communication with those others. It has an appearance of normal, freedom, better understanding, but in fact it’s just an accomplice for governing.

After getting out of the imprisonment area, we have some time to visit the Families Waiting Zone. At first, i feel much more enjoyable here, for we could finally use all record equipments freely, and there are a lot of sounds here (compare with the horrible silence in the prison imprisonment area), including sound made by family members, the calling systems, and the convenience store. The sound the calling system produced is a sound of a very kind and intimate girl, just like the other daily official systems’ sound we would heard in Taiwan. Everything should be fine except the huge difference between other prison areas’ sound. The Families Waiting Zone, usually functions as the only part outside people could see, now maintains the appearance of the prison. Normal people and media could not see or hear in the inner part, but they would be satisfied by what they could see and hear in the Families Waiting Zone, and that’s enough.

Thus, the (sound) governing keeps prison’s inner part untalkable, and our lost of (sound) autonomy. This field trip recording in prison not only leaves me deep impression on the absent of sound, but also reminds me of how we could possibly know more if we hearing sound from its mechanism of production, function, and the social relation interacting within.


Field trip: Fu Yang Eco Park (張智揚 Hugh)

As a student in Lifescience department, I paid concentration on ecology lessons. To my disappointment, Fu Yang Eco Park is full of traffic sound as artificial interfirence. The traffic sound surrounded the park and never stopped in the afternoon, and was echoed loudly and constantly with the geography.

At the beginning, with enough rest, I could notice that the fractive sound of the pants, but after I switch my concentration to environment, I ignored it.
At the entrance, the ground is full of rocks, it will make obivious sound when people walking through. And there were many children is playing.
In the tunnel, the source of sound were close that I couldn’t tell with direction the sound came from.
At 次生林區, there were many sound, like MRT, bird song, insect, and the children laugh from the entrance (not really far).
At 戀戀蟬聲觀察區, the sound of traffic nearby was really loud.
After that, I was really shocked when I stood on the top of a tunnel of a way. And realized why the park is full of traffic sound.
At the pond, maybe it was time off-peak, there was not so much specific sounds in my opnion.

Field Trip Feedback: Fu-Yang Eco Park (莊子瑩)

I’ve been living in the countryside of Chung-Li for more then 15 years. Since my childhood I’m used to paying attention to sounds of nature, such as birds chirping, insects shrilling, frogs croaking, dogs barking and so on. But my listening experience at Fu-Yang Park is a bit different from the one I’ve got at my hometown.

First, the group stayed in a tunnel, listening to the insects quietly chirping in the bamboo forest. At the same time, the children exclaimed from the other side of the tunnel, with the midi music singing Beethoven’s ninth symphony. Some times behind the bamboos scooters roaring away, interrupting the peace chirping of insects. I was very interested in such mixing of sounds, it reminded me that I wasn’t away from the city.

Then we went into the park. We tried to draw a “sound map”, staying near a giant bamboo tree and listening to the surrounding for about 5 minutes. By this way I could force myself to pay attention to each sound around me, not only the atmosphere. I’ve recorded the peaceful sound of insects (the same one we’ve heard in the end of the tunnel), visitors stepped by, a bird flew away from the tree, different kinds of birds called, and the traffic sounds — the cars from the highway and a plane passed overhead.

After drawing sound maps we started to climb the hill. We stopped for several times to listen to the surroundings and took some notes. What has caught my attention was the traffic sound,  it was around us all the time, no matter where we went. The volume changed, while we got close to the road or went away from it. Once Yannick, Pei-Lin and I were waiting for the group to arrive near an exit of tunnel, and the sounds of cars roaring over became extremely loud. The special situation, that the Nature was just besides a thriving city, made the listening experience different from what I’ve gotten at my hometown.

At the end of the trip, we stayed besides a pond, listening to the frogs croaking. The forest in winter is totally different from the one in summer — there is no cicadas shrilling over the trees, and the mosquitoes seldom buzzing around. Without those sounds, the croaking was purer and more fascinating. And of course, there was still continuing traffic sound floating from the other side of the hill.

The field trip had brought a whole new experience hearing to the Nature (actually a natural preservation zone). The unique location of Fu-Yang Park caused the mixing of sounds from forest and from city, made me really impressed.

富陽自然生態公園 (劉展鵬)

富陽自然生態公園 (Fuyang Eco Park) was not the typical kind of parks that I had imagined it to be. I was expecting more architecture than ecosystems. As I arrived at the park, I was greeted by a narrow path completely surrounded by vegetations. The familiar crickets’ chriping was heard in the surrounding environment. As I started to trek my way up the park, the sound made from these little creatures living in the vegetations got more apparent. I have transitted from a loud bustling city environment to a softer, slower, serene natural habitat.

A couple of times as I climbed further up the park, the already accustomed natural soundscape for my ears got disrupted by distant cracking of fallen leaves and footsteps. I eventually reached a Y-Junction and took the path which I can spot the familiar taipei 101 beyond all the greens. This time, the soundscape was changing. Distant traffic mechanical sound from the roads surrounding the bottom of the park joined the original tranquil environment.  It was different. A combination of natural sounds and distant traffic sounds surprisingly gave a feeling of assurance. Perhaps the assurance that I was not too far away from civilisation in this foreign environment.

Eventually as I walked further, the vegetations cleared for an electrical transmission tower standing magnificently alone by the cliff. This time, I was greeted by this unfamiliar bzzing sound made from the electrical transmission tower.  It is definitely an intriguing sound to listen to since such a sound cannot be easily heard around.

Afterwhich, I decided to make my way down the park. I was further astonished by what the park could offer. Finally, I found the chirpping of birds which had been absent until that point in time. It was overwhelming. The intensity of the chrippings almost completely blocked off the other sounds that were present all along. It was joyous. However, shortly after I found myself once again immersed in the loud bustling traffic sound as I left the park.

Soundscape trip – Fu-Yang Park

This was first time that I opened my ears and listened carefully all the trip when climbing mountain. Although it made me a little tired, the unique experience really makes me amazing, something that was opposite to my imagination.

After leaving the MRT station, we went through alleys and then into the park. Noisy traffic sound became lower and was turned to be a supporting role, an uninterruptible background. Between the alleys, there were birds kept by people seeing and some voice coming up. After that, a park entrance just came up with kids playing and making sounds. Space became different, just like everything in the park surrounded by a big dome, with some sound sometimes leaking out. And I just stood before the big dome stage, listening to all the sound happened in front of me.

First station was a small tunnel. When we walked into it, the surrounding sound quickly shut down. Everyone enjoyed the silent moment for a quite while, then small insects sound appeared in front of us with people making noise at the back. The experience was so special. We were just like being put into a box and forced to hear what we never hearing before. The tunnel was really a stage. I really like the experience in it.

Another special station was the sound map exercise. Teacher asked us to do a map about the surrounding sound. So we did a soundstage analysis and listened carefully to all the sound. Time went on and the sound map changed continuously. And every sound had its timeline; volume was different at different moment. I liked this moment. Every sound became clearly in their position, but they all kept changing.

At the station where cicada stayed on(戀戀蟬聲台), we could discovered that vehicles’ sound being still and taking bigger part of the sound. Another sound which took a large part was sound of plane. Its frequency was very special. Just like waves in a little river. The cicada sound encircled us. It was just like I was in a great concert.

Later, we took a long time climbing mountain. In the whole trip, traffic sound never stopped, which gave us an unexpectedly experience that we all think that we would encounter more natural in the deep forest. More exaggerated, when we at the top of the mountain, traffic sound was so loud that I could forget I was in the mountain. However, in this way, traffic sound was left to a certain tone that was unclearly and gave us a special atmosphere like a wind pad in the music. Traffic vs. Nature. This topic in the park was shuttle in the whole trip and became giving an answer at the top of the mountain.


Field trip feedback

Sorry about the late posting.

It’s an unusual experience in the prison. Usually, we don’t have the access and chance to get in, we can only learn the image through prisons from tv show or movies. It always seems violent and intensive in the movie, like any subtle thing would cause big fight and chaos. But the reality is totally different.
It seemed ordinary from the outside, just like a school, but with railings on its windows. The lobby is like an ordinary office, too. We visited their cells, factories, and kitchen, then watched a performance.

I felt the air in the prison weird, because it is a place with highly controlled, either physical or mental side. The prisoners don’t have any private life, they have to act as what time schedule says, to get more good-behavior-point, so they can get out earlier. Also it can be tell through the performance, in the performance, we can finally see their smiles, maybe the stage is the only place where can show their own personalities in the prison.

Another weird things is, when talked to warden that we want to record some environment, she committed it, and then we really recorded only sound of environment! usually a place with 200 women should be loudly and noisy, but there is completely quiet, only the sounds of machine and actions.

I think though the sound of prison is totally different from my imagination, (there is no sounds of crushed metal or yelling … etc.) the “silence” is making sense. The prison wouldn’t be noisy because it is runed by controls.

-b99702062 鄭絜心

TEAing Satoyama Ping-Lin

TEAing Satoyama Ping-Lin (8’24”)

Run-Lin Huang(黃潤琳) &  Zhang Chih-Yang(張智揚)

This is not only a sound of Ping-Lin, it’s also the action of students who are providing their best care of Satoyama Ping-lin. By working with local tea farmers, organic farming instead of using fertilizer, branding and selling Taiwan Blue-Magpie Tea, the action of Organic TEAgriculture and Blue Magpie Conservation is taken place step by step everyday.

Tea Factory (新竹)

Tradition and culture are transforming as time moves on. Also, it shows different impression from different perspectives.

This project focus on the specific tea culture in taiwan. Taiwanese tea culture has a hundred years of history, but the tea related business has been gradually forgotten as policy put more emphasis on technology development. However, it revised into another form, making people in Taiwan can still appreciate this beautiful tradition.

We aimed to record how people who work in the tea factory react to this kind of transition, how visitors think of this culture and how this old culture polish itself to fit in nowadays’ world.

Tea factory project (final edit 0.1)

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