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“Inspiration” – Getting an idea after dozing off in a lecture

Hey y’all, this is the idea we mentioned last week.Inspiration

Malachi — Two New Sounds

I have two sound I want to share with everyone. The first is a construction worker shoveling pieces of broken bricks while children and parents shout at a playground. I like the sound of the shoveling, it is sharp, sudden, short, and there is a rhythm to the shoveling. It’s the sound of the city changing, a building is being remodeled, it’s old skin torn to pieces and carted away. It watches the children playing below like it has for years, and while it longs to be a part of their games, they are oblivious to its existence and its pain.

The second sound is a girl practicing recorder late at night with her father in the park. It is almost an eerie sound. I heard it drifting through the night and went to find out what it was. Traffic roars in the background, footsteps stomp by. The world is moving all around, but this father and daughter are in the middle of it all, practicing together.

Hope to find more sounds soon!
We need more people to share on the blog!
See you all on Wednesday.

How to Convert Audio to mp3

Hey everyone!

Converting audio files is easy. If you have a mac, you can use itunes like 老師 mentioned. If you use windows:

1. Download this program:,0305-23782.html

2. Install the program and open it up!

3. When it asks you for a key, put this key in: 1258946-bhdhcl

4. There should be a big button called “Add Files” in the top of left hand of the program window. Click this.

5. Select the files you want to convert and press the CONVERT button in the bottom right. (Make sure you have selected mp3 as the output format. I think it will automatically be set on mp3)

6. BAM. Your audio file is now in mp3 format and you can upload it onto the blog so EVERYONE CAN ENJOY IT!

Happy Sound Hunting everyone!


Malachi – First Sound

I decided to go into the Library, a place where we’re supposed to be quiet and don’t normally listen to the sounds around us. When I really listened I discovered a large variety of quiet sounds. The turning of pages, the tapping of feet and pens, the clicking of keyboards, the clinking of keys. It was a tiny world of sound I’d never taken the time to listen to before!

NTU Library Sept. 12 2013

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