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Tea Factory (新竹)

Tradition and culture are transforming as time moves on. Also, it shows different impression from different perspectives.

This project focus on the specific tea culture in taiwan. Taiwanese tea culture has a hundred years of history, but the tea related business has been gradually forgotten as policy put more emphasis on technology development. However, it revised into another form, making people in Taiwan can still appreciate this beautiful tradition.

We aimed to record how people who work in the tea factory react to this kind of transition, how visitors think of this culture and how this old culture polish itself to fit in nowadays’ world.

Tea factory project (final edit 0.1)

City vs Nature: Fuyang Eco Park (Simón)

Linguan’s Fuyang Eco Park is a unique place in Taipei City where many different sounds take place at a same time. Located almost in the outskirts of Taipei, Fuyang Eco Park bring us an auditive experience based on a transition or simply a cohabitation between urban sounds and nature.
A mix of : birds singing / vehicles passing by / frogs croaking / some distant crowds / branches cracking or leaves falling… This could be an aproximate example of Fuyang Park’s “Sound habitat”.

Since the Park is quite big, a clear sound transition can be noticed between the very different parts in which the park is divided.  Going uphill, downhill, crossing the tree tunnels, walking some wide open spaces, crossing some small wetland areas… those are all part of the sound experience in there. Reverberations and echoes which go changing during our course. But probably the most important fact, and related with the title, is the unceasing perception of those urban sounds. I noticed those sounds during the entire course of our hiking and could be represented on my own “sound map” as a continuum, a constant non-stop low frequency hum.

In fact, one of the most interesting things on this trip was the mutation of this hum, which actually became more and more perceptible as a low frequency as long as we were going uphill. Once we reached the top of the hill I could feel that hum on a very perceptible way (it felt even lower than before) and very different than when we were downhill in the beggining of our course. And I think those traffic urban sounds are actually the ones who are telling us that we haven’t left the city and we are on a halfway between pure nature and city. That’s by far the most remarkable feeling for me on this trip.
I think for sure there’s an easy physical explanation for this fact but this time I’ll just keep that feeling when I was there in the hilltop listening carefully and I felt some sound hadn’t even stopped for a single second. That was the sound of the city…

Same space different time (Simón)

During last week I’ve been thinking and thinking about what kind of concept would be suitable to contribute in the blog. One day was already night and I was going back home from NTU after a very long journey. I started to think about the kind of sound atmosphere we can hear at the different hours of the day. The sounds of a place in the morning can differ so much from the sounds we can hear at night. So… I just decided to record a similar lapse of time (2:20 approx.) on a same place but at different time in order to establish the differences between what we can hear on the “crowdy” mornings and what we can hear on the “Silent” nights.
The two tracks I recorded are placed on a food market (not a night market) in Longquan St. (龍泉市場). It’s between Shida Night market (師大夜市) and Roosvelt Road (羅斯福路). The market is actually a narrow “indoor” and long street full of stands. It’s like a long passage/gallery which connects Longquan St. with Roosvelt Rd.. My starting point on both recordings is Longquan St.. Both recordings have obviously the same itinerary (walk from one side of the market to the other).
The main differences between one and another are mainly based on the crowd-less. Can you really feel the night atmosphere on the Track 1? Which differences we can appreciate between Track01 and Track02?
We could make our comments and impressions in the class or just here in the blog.

1. 龍泉市場10pm

2. 龍泉市場11am

*I strongly suggest you to use HEADPHONES for listen to the recordings, so you can appreciate the STEREO effect which is quite realistic. Since the stands were placed on the right and left side of the street/gallery and the mics of the recorder were 90º and 90º you can really experience a little bit the “transporting” effect by closing your eyes.

Night sounds of Taiwan (Simón)

Last weekend I made a trip around New Taipei City:
We spent the night on a hotel placed near the mountain inside Shuangxi district. The hotel was almost surrounded by mountains and far from humanity…
People will usually think this must be a complete relaxing sensation. But actually it wasn’t.
When bedtime arrived and after maybe 10 minutes laid on bed I started analizing the sounds around me. The 1st and most notable one was the sound of thousand insects, probably most of them came from Cicadas. I can make sure this sound was like a “sea” of insects and inside this “sound environment”  it was definitely like a bottom or a “continuum” (When I wake up in the next morning the sound still there as if it was a machine playing the sound or just a looper).
The next sound layer, this one was discontinous, was the refrigerator. Like many refrigerators this one only made noise when it was “freezing”.
Next one was the breath of my friends and then the water drops falling from a small tap placed in the garden.
After several minutes analizing this “natural mix” of sounds my mind could perfectly separate each of them individually. Like it was a sound software session I could see each sound displayed like a track. Never had this feeling before.

1st conclusion: The sounds of Taiwan have nothing to do with my country’s sounds.

2nd conclusion: In Even if you go to the country side the environment keeps noisy.

PD:  I had already visited Taiwan’s country side but never paid as much atention as this time to the “soundscape”.
PD2: I missed so much having a recorder on my hand to “catch” such an amazing atmosphere.

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