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富陽自然生態公園 (劉展鵬)

富陽自然生態公園 (Fuyang Eco Park) was not the typical kind of parks that I had imagined it to be. I was expecting more architecture than ecosystems. As I arrived at the park, I was greeted by a narrow path completely surrounded by vegetations. The familiar crickets’ chriping was heard in the surrounding environment. As I started to trek my way up the park, the sound made from these little creatures living in the vegetations got more apparent. I have transitted from a loud bustling city environment to a softer, slower, serene natural habitat.

A couple of times as I climbed further up the park, the already accustomed natural soundscape for my ears got disrupted by distant cracking of fallen leaves and footsteps. I eventually reached a Y-Junction and took the path which I can spot the familiar taipei 101 beyond all the greens. This time, the soundscape was changing. Distant traffic mechanical sound from the roads surrounding the bottom of the park joined the original tranquil environment.  It was different. A combination of natural sounds and distant traffic sounds surprisingly gave a feeling of assurance. Perhaps the assurance that I was not too far away from civilisation in this foreign environment.

Eventually as I walked further, the vegetations cleared for an electrical transmission tower standing magnificently alone by the cliff. This time, I was greeted by this unfamiliar bzzing sound made from the electrical transmission tower.  It is definitely an intriguing sound to listen to since such a sound cannot be easily heard around.

Afterwhich, I decided to make my way down the park. I was further astonished by what the park could offer. Finally, I found the chirpping of birds which had been absent until that point in time. It was overwhelming. The intensity of the chrippings almost completely blocked off the other sounds that were present all along. It was joyous. However, shortly after I found myself once again immersed in the loud bustling traffic sound as I left the park.

Excursion in the mountain (Cyrielle)

Usually, when I go to the mountain, I really enjoy hearing the sounds of the nature and being far away from the city and its noises. Here, the experience was quite awkward because, for the whole ascension of the mountain, you could hear permanently the sound of the road. It never stopped and was sometimes so loud that you even could not hear birds or insects anymore.

But, this mix between the sound of the road and the one of the nature was the purpose of this trip. So, even if at the beginning, it was hard for me to not try to ignore the traffic, steps by steps, I began to listen carefully to the variations of both of these sounds.

At the beginning of the trip, we left the MRT station toward a garden. The sound of the traffic was quite noisy in the main road but after only 3 minutes of walk, it already calmed down and we could start hearing birds and insects. The atmosphere of this place was really peaceful: families come here to play with their children and to enjoy a peaceful moment. The sound of our group walking on small pebbles mixed with laughs of children remembered me gardens in Paris on Sunday afternoon when the sun shines: every families desire to enjoy the few rays of sunlight in the parks, far away their sordid and small apartments.

Yannick stopped our group near a huge bamboo tree and asked us to listen carefully for five minutes in order to draw our listen map. It was the first time I did such an exercise. It really helps you to concentrate on one sound in particular instead on just trying to perceive a whole atmosphere. I heard two kinds of traffic noises: the sound of the scooters driving on the street just behind the garden. This sound was really clear and you could attribute it to specific vehicles. The other sound was the sound of the huge highway that we saw later. The sound was barely perceptible but you could imagine that near this garden, a huge road was empty of cars and trucks.

Then came the ascension of the hill. The trip permitted to surround the road and so to hear the sound of the huge road in many different places: from the bottom to the top (as we climbed the hill) but also from very far (the garden) to very near (just above it). Each time, the sound of the road was different: sometimes very clear, sometimes just like a hubbub, sometimes very wide, sometimes really restricted. What struck me was the sound of birds and insects: it varies in the opposite way of the road sound. It was as if, birds and insects had decided to fill the rest of the available ‘sound space’ with their voices. Therefore, at the top of the hill, the sound of the road was so wide and so loud, that we could not hear birds and insects anymore. Finally I know now, thanks to this trip, why I hate so much the sound of the road: it destroys the peaceful and grateful sounds of the nature.

Cyrielle – Exchange students’ favorite sound

Hey all !

As you may know, most exchange students at NTU live in Prince House dorms. When we arrived in this wonderful place, we also discovered this amazing 24H convenient store (it does not exist in Europe) located just next to our dorms.

This store is amazing because you find everything you want, at every time of the day, and for a cheap price (compared to European stores). And you can even eat inside!

So, who will be the first one to recognize the store ? Entrée 7_11

As you can see here, many stores in Taipei have their own music and own atmosphere. But sometimes their sounds and music can become stressing.
I personally think that the bell that you hear at the beginning of the record is not pleasant at all and so, is completely opposite with the peacefully music you can hear on background. 7_11

How can you feel relaxed and enjoy your meal in such a place? It is still a mystery for me… :/

Final Projects – Short Descriptions

Dear all,

Here is an article so that everybody can quickly describe his/her project and help our classmates to form group of two people. Please do not hesitate to edit this article with your description!

Cyrielle – A day in Taipei

As foreigner, I am not used hearing Taipei and Taiwanese sounds: many things defer from Europe’s atmosphere and environment. My project would focus on recording a day in Taipei of a NTU student. I think this project can be really interesting for our future listeners (mostly Europeans) who are also not used to listening the multitude of Taiwanese sounds.

I think that it would be great if my future “partner” has some technical skills cause I don’t know how mixing sounds. :( Feel free to ask questions!

Laura-Accents and Languages in Taiwan

I hope the final project could give audience a sketch of local life in Taiwan. This idea occurs to me when I was listening to “a pure person” by Taiwanese artist Lim Giong. He recorded the sound of people chatting by taiwanese in a breakfast shop, which is something really normal but the atmosphere is warm and emotional. Then it reminds me of my grandma speaking hakka, my uncle speaking shanghainese, the new immigrants speaking their country language on the bus…All of these languages and accents composes most of my daily life in taiwan.

I haven’t figure out how to make this thing happen since there are still questions need to be answered ,such as what is the best way to present different language in a same time, but i think that’s  also the fun part of making this project! Please feel free to ask me any question or just email me:) email:

Cyrielle – Inside Market in Wuhan District

Good evening Everyone !

Today we spoke about noise and Russolo’s Manifesto in class. We also spoke about the difference of perceiving sounds among people and subjectivity linked behind the concept of “Noise”.

I would like to share with this record I made with my camera when I was hanging around Wuhan District 2 days ago.

I went to an inside market where you can find many things, especially food. When I entered in the market, my first impression was “How noisy is this place!”. I hear lots of loud sounds at the same time: people calling out to one another, musics coming from different stalls, scooters driving through the market (at the end of the record) and even people making fire to burn the wastes. Nevertheless, I noticed that despite this ‘capharnaüm’ was highly noisy, sellers and buyers did not seem to care about this uncomfortable atmosphere and seemed even enjoying it.

Then I understood the reason of such a gap in our feelings: as I don’t speak Chinese at all, I could understand nothing of their daily activities. What was conversations for them, was only noise for me. So I came to the conclusion that noise and the perception of noise is not only linked to our way of listening but also to our culture.

I am pretty sure that almost every body (except me) will understand the pieces of conversations in my record. But please try to hear at it as if you were a stranger who don’t speak Chinese at all. The result is really disappointing.

Hope you will enjoy it.


Cyrielle – Nature at Taroko Gorges

Hello everyone !

This week-end I went to Taroko National Park (east cost of Taiwan) and was really disappointed to not have taken any recorders to share with you this amazing experience of hearing the true sound of nature, far away from Taipei’s noisy life & circulation. Nevertheless, I will try to describe you my experience through these few lines.

Context : We were hiking on the tallest summit of Taroko National Park (more than 3,000m) for almost one hour when we decided to stop to admire the landscape. Everyone was tired, so we all decided to stop talking and listen to “the soundscape”.

Sound: At the beginning, I heard almost anything, only the wind blowing among the trees. It was as if the nature has stopped making noise, waiting for us to leave. But, as we were not moving, insects, birds and animals restarted enjoying their life, i.e. singing, moving on the floor and among the trees. As the fog was really dense, I barely see anything and could concentrate only on what the sounds around me.

At this true moment, I could feel the nature transcending myself, as if it was the master of these mountains and as if it wanted to tell us that no-one could ever  dominate it. The atmosphere was really sooth and I knew in the depth of my spirit that I would never have the time to perceive all its wealth.

Then I thought to Yannick telling during the first class that he spent hours recording hundreds of frogs’ sounds. And from now on, I truly understand the difficulty of its task!

And you, have you ever noticed that, when you go to a forest, it first sounds very quiet but after few minutes, it is really noisy ? What does this inspire to  you ?


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