About Fuyang Eco Park

Fuyang Eco Park has always been a special place for me since I was a senior high school student. At that time I was one of member of biological researching club of school. We often have outdoor activities called “field observation” which are activities for observing animals and plant in natural environment. And Fuyang Eco Park is the very place to go because of its convenient traffic. We were there mostly for observing outlooks of those creatures, and sometimes we did pay attention on the sound for finding birds or frogs. But because at that time I was only interesting in spiders, never notice those interesting sound of nature.

I went there once or twice a week during my third year of senior high. At that time, I started to know how relaxing is the place, and I somehow finally understand how to enjoy myself in such a natural environment. Gradually, I found the way to appreciate birds and frogs singing, and the sound of air, of water, and of those plants.

Last time when I went to Fuyang Eco Park, I was a freshman of NTU. At the day of field trip, when I restep on this familiar nature, although it’s in a hurry, I was joyful. Listening to the sound of bird, frogs and insects, and also the special roar of high way really makes me excited. But because I have to find everybody ASAP, I gave up listening carefully.

So I went there again at Friday, 20th December. Because that was a rainy day, and ground was so muddy, I didn’t go to the highest point we went that day. I was just fooling around in Fuyang Park and Fuchoshan Park. While I was at the entrance of Foyang Eco Park, I heard the sound of small rivers which was just beside my feet, and I heard those sound of rain drops dropping on the big leaves of plants and on the ground. I did hear winds, and sound of stepping on crashing stones on the trail. Not much, but some people passing by, with speeds which was not slow; all of them are in the direction out of the park. And I walked in. And after that, I followed the way witch had less muddy ground to Fuchoshan Park.

I sat in a pavilion for a long time, enjoying the pure nature which I had already had a long time not to feel. No one was there. Winds blows on my face, and the only accompany was the sound. Sounds of rain drop falling keep coming to my ears, and sound of leaves and of insects showing up. It was such a peaceful place! And suddenly I heard a strange sound like air squeezing out of the balloon. I walked out of the pavilion, and found out that was a squirrel! And beside the squirrel was an amazing scene of Taipei 101 and the foggy city.

I didn’t go back to MRT station on the same way because of the terrible muddy trails; alternatively, I chose another concrete trail to walk down the mountain. Finally take bus, and back to the city.


-Alan Liu 劉亦凡