Field trip: Fu Yang Eco Park (張智揚 Hugh)

As a student in Lifescience department, I paid concentration on ecology lessons. To my disappointment, Fu Yang Eco Park is full of traffic sound as artificial interfirence. The traffic sound surrounded the park and never stopped in the afternoon, and was echoed loudly and constantly with the geography.

At the beginning, with enough rest, I could notice that the fractive sound of the pants, but after I switch my concentration to environment, I ignored it.
At the entrance, the ground is full of rocks, it will make obivious sound when people walking through. And there were many children is playing.
In the tunnel, the source of sound were close that I couldn’t tell with direction the sound came from.
At 次生林區, there were many sound, like MRT, bird song, insect, and the children laugh from the entrance (not really far).
At 戀戀蟬聲觀察區, the sound of traffic nearby was really loud.
After that, I was really shocked when I stood on the top of a tunnel of a way. And realized why the park is full of traffic sound.
At the pond, maybe it was time off-peak, there was not so much specific sounds in my opnion.