Soundscape trip – Fu-Yang Park

This was first time that I opened my ears and listened carefully all the trip when climbing mountain. Although it made me a little tired, the unique experience really makes me amazing, something that was opposite to my imagination.

After leaving the MRT station, we went through alleys and then into the park. Noisy traffic sound became lower and was turned to be a supporting role, an uninterruptible background. Between the alleys, there were birds kept by people seeing and some voice coming up. After that, a park entrance just came up with kids playing and making sounds. Space became different, just like everything in the park surrounded by a big dome, with some sound sometimes leaking out. And I just stood before the big dome stage, listening to all the sound happened in front of me.

First station was a small tunnel. When we walked into it, the surrounding sound quickly shut down. Everyone enjoyed the silent moment for a quite while, then small insects sound appeared in front of us with people making noise at the back. The experience was so special. We were just like being put into a box and forced to hear what we never hearing before. The tunnel was really a stage. I really like the experience in it.

Another special station was the sound map exercise. Teacher asked us to do a map about the surrounding sound. So we did a soundstage analysis and listened carefully to all the sound. Time went on and the sound map changed continuously. And every sound had its timeline; volume was different at different moment. I liked this moment. Every sound became clearly in their position, but they all kept changing.

At the station where cicada stayed on(戀戀蟬聲台), we could discovered that vehicles’ sound being still and taking bigger part of the sound. Another sound which took a large part was sound of plane. Its frequency was very special. Just like waves in a little river. The cicada sound encircled us. It was just like I was in a great concert.

Later, we took a long time climbing mountain. In the whole trip, traffic sound never stopped, which gave us an unexpectedly experience that we all think that we would encounter more natural in the deep forest. More exaggerated, when we at the top of the mountain, traffic sound was so loud that I could forget I was in the mountain. However, in this way, traffic sound was left to a certain tone that was unclearly and gave us a special atmosphere like a wind pad in the music. Traffic vs. Nature. This topic in the park was shuttle in the whole trip and became giving an answer at the top of the mountain.