Field trip feedback

Sorry about the late posting.

It’s an unusual experience in the prison. Usually, we don’t have the access and chance to get in, we can only learn the image through prisons from tv show or movies. It always seems violent and intensive in the movie, like any subtle thing would cause big fight and chaos. But the reality is totally different.
It seemed ordinary from the outside, just like a school, but with railings on its windows. The lobby is like an ordinary office, too. We visited their cells, factories, and kitchen, then watched a performance.

I felt the air in the prison weird, because it is a place with highly controlled, either physical or mental side. The prisoners don’t have any private life, they have to act as what time schedule says, to get more good-behavior-point, so they can get out earlier. Also it can be tell through the performance, in the performance, we can finally see their smiles, maybe the stage is the only place where can show their own personalities in the prison.

Another weird things is, when talked to warden that we want to record some environment, she committed it, and then we really recorded only sound of environment! usually a place with 200 women should be loudly and noisy, but there is completely quiet, only the sounds of machine and actions.

I think though the sound of prison is totally different from my imagination, (there is no sounds of crushed metal or yelling … etc.) the “silence” is making sense. The prison wouldn’t be noisy because it is runed by controls.

-b99702062 鄭絜心